How to Recover Your G Mail Account

Google's email service is the most used in the world of Gmail. Gmail uses more than one billion people worldwide, and this is probably the reason why hackers always look at this email service.If you also notice any suspicious activity in your Gmail account, your account might have been hacked by someone.

How to Recover Your G Mail Account

How to Recover Your G Mail Account

Learn How to Recover Your G Mail Account

1. Go to the account recovery page.

2. Answer different questions if you do not remember your password.

3. Use your recovery email or phone number.

4. Now Gmail will send a recovery code to the phone number or email to confirm it to the owner of your account.

5. You can also answer the security question that you will make when setting up an account.

6. Once you receive the recovery code, enter it in Gmail and then ask Google to change your password.

7. After signing, Gmail will ask you for a security check. Be aware that check the security And then change your security information.

How To Safe Your Google Account:

Any hacking activity will be running in your Gmail account, and if you do not have information or is using someone with your Google Account, then your other Google accounts are also unsafe. Pay attention to these things to know about this hacking,Big risks such as unauthorized payment Activity,  Google Play activity, unidentified YouTube activity, unaffiliate application can occur.

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