How To Find Sim Card Owner Name

Nowadays, the currency of giving a fake ID card to the SIM card has increased greatly. Often we do not even know that the SIM card we are using is registered on whose name it is. But now this one can know from a trick. With the help of 'Airtel' application, you can find out what your SIM card is registered with. You will have to download this application on the number of telecom company you have. In every mobile process the process remains the same.

how to find sim owner name

Real Owner Of Mobile Sim Card Can Be Known By The Application

How to find the name of the sim card owner

Follow This Step:

(1)First of all download the Airtel application by going to the Play Store. After downloading the application some permissions will be asked for access. Allow it to be

(2)Now you have to enter your mobile number in the column given here. An OTP (One Time Password) will be sent to this number. Complete the process of registering the OTP into the application.

(3)Now your account will open. On the top of your app a name will appear, which will be the true owner of this SIM. If that name is yours, do not mind but if that name is not yours then it means that your SIM is registered on someone else's name.

(4)If you find someone else's name on the app, talk to the toll free number of the company whose SIM card is found. Follow the instructions given by them and register with your mobile number.

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